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Fine & Performing Arts


The Department of Fine & Performing Arts seeks to expose students to the arts including its history, cultural relevance and societal influence with particular emphasis on the works by artists and musicians of color. We introduce students to a bevy of artists (both visual and performing) who are local and/or internationally known craftspeople. This department is uniquely positioned to provide hands-on experience in art appreciation and musical development in a university known for its excellence and attention to fine detail. The members of the department firmly believe the arts are an integral part of students’ educational experience and prepare them for careers either in the arts or in areas influenced (directly or indirectly) by the arts. Our degree programs allow students to graduate and utilize their talents to serve as ambassadors that enrich the lives of others in service to their respective communities, their workplaces and the world at large.

Objective & Scope of Program



Applicants are required to submit a portfolio of their artwork. In addition, all applicants are required to perform an audition heard by specific members of the faculty. Artistic/creative analysis, history, and other skills learned in the course of the student’s academic career may be applied during the Special Topics phase of matriculation, thereby elevating the student’s artistic awareness. Students may submit portfolios electronically, by regular mail or in person by June 1. If portfolio is to be submitted in person, contact the Department of Fine & Performing Arts to arrange a convenient time. To submit art work/portfolios or for more information contact


申请人须参加考试和听觉准备测试的音乐基础。此外,需要所有申请人由教师的特定成员执行试听听到。浓度将是:声乐,钢琴和大风。试演安排在特定日期在学年,下面列出的必须安排并提前做好的首选日期。在音乐学位申请程序包括适用于您的仪器试镜。在申请中列出的学生将被称为他们的仪器和面试日期的具体要求。所有的经验教训,主要强调的是执行。教训将解决,以提高提高学生的表现能力和理解技术和音乐技能。音乐分析,历史,并在学生的学术生涯中了解到五一期间其他乐器演奏技巧应用于音乐应用,从而提高学生的音乐意识。可学生们通过试镜这date.to提交录音或了解更多信息,请联系 6月1日提交的试听录音或安排试镜的人。


Department of Fine & Performing Arts

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